About us

Hurley Architecture & Planning is an innovative small architecture practice placing a strong emphasis on working closely with our clients to produce quality, environmentally appropriate and economical design solutions.


With over 20 years’ practice in the field of architecture, focusing on innovative, site specific, environmental and sustainable design, we are well qualified to deliver exceptional and inspirational results for any project undertaken.


Hurley Architecture & Planning has an extensive portfolio of residential architecture ranging from grouped dwellings through to family homes, single storey to 3 storey builds, and encompassing a large budget range, as well as a rapidly expanding commercial works portfolio.


Hurley Architecture & Planning has established a collective of professional consultants that we work closely with to deliver services that take projects from concept design through to construction.

The advantage of our collective to clients, is an extensive knowledge base, a local understanding of the Pilbara, a face-to-face working relationship and availability on-site at short notice. More recently, Hurley Architecture & Planning has been collaborating with Perth-based firm, Matthews & Scavalli to enable engagement on larger regional projects.


Hurley Architecture & Planning are the only registered architectural firm located in the Pilbara with our on the ground experience of living in the North West of Western Australia, and an innate understanding of the climatic conditions and construction conditions present.

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